personal protective equipment PPT refers to protective clothings helmets goggles for others garments for equipment design to protect the wear'sbody from injury .

The hazards address by protective equipment including physical electrical heat chemicals and airborne particulate matter.

 protective equipment may be home for job related occupational safety and health purpose,
As well as for sports and other recreational activities, protective clothing is applied to traditional categories of clothing and protective gear applies to items such as pads gods slides for mask and others.

THE purpose of personal protective equipment is to reduce employee to hazard when engineering and administrative controls are not Oreffective to reduce this risk to acceptable levels.

PPE is needed when they are are hazards present. PPE has done serious limitation that is does not eliminate the hazard at source and may result in employees being exposed to the hazards if the equipment fails.

PPE By Types

personal protective equipment can be categorised by the area of the body protected by the types of hazards, and by the type of garments and accessories.

a single item for example boots may provide multiple forms of protection is steel cap for production of the feet from crossing or puncture injuries,Hindi meaning for protection from water and chemicals high reflective ability and heat resistance for protection from radiant heat and high electrical resistivity for protection from electric shock.

the protective attributes of each piece of equipment must be compared with the hazards accepted to be found in the workplace.

Personal protective equipment


Restaurants serve to protect the users from breathing in in contaminants in the air preserving the health of ones respiratory tract.

there are two main types of respirators one type of respirators functions by filtering out chemicals and gases for airborne particles from the air by the users.

Gas masks and particulate respirator are examples of this type of respirator. A second type of rescue dog protects users by providing clean respectable from another source.

This type includes airline respect and self contained breathing apart in work environments respirators are relied upon when ventilation is not available for other in nearing control system are not visible or inadequate.


Viola recommended uses of eye protection various by occupation,
the provision of safety furnished by set piece of equipment can be journalised.

Safety glasses provided minimum protection from external degrees,
And are recommended to provide side protection via a wrap around design or side sandals.

Goggles provided by interaction then safety classes,
and are effective in preventing eye injuries from chemical impact dusty environments and welding.

It is recommended that glasses with high airflow be used, in order to prevent fogging.
face slides use full form of additional protection to be all over the standard eye were.

And provide protection from impact chemical and blood hazards, full respirators are considered the best form of eye protection when respiratory protection is needed as well, but maybe less effective potential impact hazard to the eye.

eye protection used for welding operation is setted to different degrees depending on the specific operation.


industrial noise is often overlooked as an occupational hazard as it is not visible to the eye.

overall about 22 million workers in the United States are exposed to potentially damaging noise level each year.

Occupational hearing loss accounted for 14% of all occupational illness in 2007, with about 23000 cases significant enough to cause permanent hearing impairment,

about 82% of occupational hearing loss cases orchid to workers in the manufacturing sector,
the occupational safety and health administration established occupational Royce exports standards.

NOISH recommended that worker exports to noise be reduced to a label equivalent to 85 DBA for 8 hours of reduced occupational noise included hearing loss.

POWER FAILURE : following point should be kept in mind during making a plan to overcome the electric fault:

  1. after the power failures in WhatsApp inform the related person of companies per section they will guide you.
  2. if there is danger to the buildings of company due to electric for electric fault comes after working hours then inform public security immediately.
  • If black out occurs then
  • Switch off all the switches of electric and other equipments because flexion can come which will destroy them.
  • Switch off all the equipments of building.
  • Open all the windows of building for air circulation. If there is no window then go quickly outside from here.
  • If you are in lift and that is not working then inform quickly to public security.
  • If you want to leave the the premises due to any reason then confirm that all the equipment or of the avoid any loss.
  1. if the emergency situation is created then you should ring the alarm of building or you should inform the public safety telephone about the emergency situation.
  2. Exit doors will open in emergency situation.
  3. Close the doors of office and go outside.Don't try to run or stays in panic because you can get wounds. If your handicapped then ask for help to someone.
  4. Don't use the lift if electric fault comes.
  5. help the handicapped person coming outside from the building if someone can't use stress their inform public safety.
  6. go quickly approx 500 feet away from the building and never try to enter the building and in public safety officer allows 
  7. You can use torch if no proper light in exit way.
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