What is web server

What is web server?

A web server is a system or program that delivers content or services to the users over the internet.
 A web server is a program that uses HTTP to serve web pages to their users. The computers that helped to create this webpage are called web servers.

This is typical example of this web server. All the website hosting computer must have a web server program. Apache HTTP Server ( most used or installed web server all over the world), NGINX (Igor sysoev began)
 it's one of the best web server in the world, Google web server (GWS) . IIS (provided by Microsoft). I think now you know what is a web server.

Subhadip 365 explain web server

The most common and accepted definition is that a web server returns HTML files to a website via a HTTP connection.Any computer can be turned into a webserver by installing server software and connecting the machine to the Internet.

What is web server

Definition of web server

A web server is a computer that runs all the websites on the Internet, It is a computer program that distributes web pages as needed. The main function of a web server is to distribute webpages to users, using its programming.

Communication between the user and the web server's computer program is established through the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. I think now you know what is the definition of web server.

 What is a Web server definition?

The primary task on a web server is to distribute those pages to users through HTTP,
 Distributed web pages are often HTML, sometimes images or scripts. The primary purpose of the web server is to serve the content. I think now you know what is a web server and definition. 

What is Web server and its functions?

1. Website data storage and protection

Web Hosting Service A web server stores all the data on the website and transmits it to the users.

2. Provides web database access

The responsibility of a web server is to provide access to a website.

3. Serve user request

Web servers accept requests from users connected to the Internet and serve those requests. 

4. Controlling network traffic

Controlling additional network traffic is a feature of the web server. Ok now I know what is web server and its function. 

What is Web server explain with example?

The website is a type of computer or program that provides web pages, Each web server has an IP address or domain name, for example 
 if you type www.subhadip365.com/index.html  in your web browser then The server  sends the index.html page to your browser, for example, all the data on my web site is hosted by a web server and it is passed to you by the server. 
We all use websites on the internet, check email and use social apps to make communication with the server somehow.The web server is the heart of the website hosting company. The web server returns a request that's domain name www.subhadip365.com

What is Web server and website?

Websites are the types of computers that control a website, This is the kind of computer program that distributes webpages when needed, The main purpose of a web server is to create web pages for users and to disturb this.

What is Web server and its types?

  1. Apache (founded by Apache)
  2. IIS (founded by Microsoft)
  3. nginx (founded by NGINX, Inc. and pronounced like "Engine X")
  4. and GWS (founded by Google and short for Google Web Server)

What is Web server and application server?

The main difference between a web server and an application server is that the web server uses the HTTP protocol and the application server uses many other server protocols besides HTTP, like JSP, Egb 

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