Best video editing apps

10 best video editing apps 2019

Using free video editing apps means everyone can create videos from boy to old man and edit them very nicely.

Even if you cannot run these free video editing apps, you are using these apps so much that you can.

I would like to tell you that I use video editing apps for my own money, but when I used these free video editing apps, I wanted to use apps that have such a good interface.

You don't have to take any training to edit a video and you don't have to buy a laptop or MIC.

Don't learn all these things and you can make a beautiful movie with photos, video and audio by just using some of these apps from your mobile at home.

I am giving myself a list of free video editing apps,

All these apps are very nice and powerful,


Platform - android & ios

key features-  Chroma key  - select any colour and remove background. 

Make movies - easily make stunning movies where ever you are. 

Photo video editor - video effect, colour adjustment,  rotate or trim videos.

Add video effects - drag and drop text, audio and transition.

Create video memories - combine picture and video in one movie.

Voice over and music - apply custom voice over and music.

Save and share HD videos -  save to your phone or share Facebook or YouTube



create mood with overlays - instantly app like one click overlays, short creative photography style.

Total colour control - made detailed colour adjustment with both Curvs and HSL adjustment tool.

Quick tone adjustment  -  enhance your photo in one second.

Control saturation - make your photo vibrent.

Magic object removal -  remove unwanted object with ease.

Creative blur tools - create tool swift effect, or add depth to your photo with Liner and radial blur tools.

Intuitive skin tool - create a flawless portrait in second.


Main features -

Theme  - one click amazing theme.

Enhance your video with effects - include: filters overlays ,elements,titles.

All in one professional tool - trim,music , transition,  peep, crop, adjust, rotate.

Animated subtitles  - Explosive dynamic subtitle effects. Also support change, colour, size, front, and even animation of your text.

Speed control - create multiple fast or slow motion in the same video, to create slow motion video.

Audio equaliser - fine tune your music, voice over and audio track.

Effect store - your source of filter ,animated elements, and other modern video effects.

Share -  video to your camera tool, share video to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

5 . Quik- free video editor for photos clips and music - 

Main features -

Best video editing apps
  • Add photos videos music text.

  • Auto sync to music or trim shots manually .

  •  Select fonts, filters, set duration, format.

  •  23 beautiful video editing styles.

  •  100% free.

6 . Video editor, crop video, edit video ,magic effect.

Main features - 

  • Cinematic magic effects.

  • Vanishing magic.

  • Funny face video.

  • Powerful editing features.

  • Free music library.

  • Unique slideshow style.

  • Fantastic filters.

  •  amazing stickers and text style

7 . Video editor and video maker in shot - 

Main features

  • Pro video editor and slideshow maker

  • Add voice effects voice overs.

  • Animation sticker and text.

  • Video effects.

  • Adjust speed.

  • Make video memes.

  • Crop video.

  • Save IN full HD.

8 . Filmmaker pro free video maker and video editor - 

Main features

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9. video shop video editor - 

Men features - 

Add music -  voice overs text and photos to video.

Slow motion - fast motion, reverse motion ,flip rotate or swift your video.

Apply filters for animated title to your video.

March videos for cut copy and paste them.

Share on YouTube Facebook Instagram Snapchat or make a gif.

10. Video editor for YouTube video guru-

Main features -

March videos

Cut and split.

Video effects.

100% free music.

Video filters.

Adjust speed.

Craft videos.

Compress video.

11 .  Viva video light : video editor and slideshow maker -

Main features -

Back to light - smallest package, light and run fast.

Fastest capture - HD camera with beauty flying filters.

Editing forecast - trim, split, duplicate or reverse.

Fantastic themes - one tap to make your own movie.

Various materials - stylish stickers, effect keep updating.

Adjustable speed - perfect fast and slow control.

12. Blog editor for YouTube and video editor free- vblogU

Main features-

Vlog video editor

Trim and merge videos

Cut stickers and images

And animated subtitles

100 + music and BGM

Slow motion and fast motion

Several movie filters

Share on social media.

13 . Vlogit- free video editor made for vloggers -

Main features -

Free video editing app made for youtubers and bloggers.

Add animated video intros.

Add emojis and stickers.

Add and edit animated text.

Le eclipse and images.

Ad free music and sound and voice overs.

Design your video thumbnails.

Easy to use editing tools like - trim, sound, copy, speed, filter, split, transition, reverse, crop.

1. Adobe prmemiere rush

Platform - android & ios.
Support - 4k video & audio also.

IntrodThis is a very nice place from which you can start your video editing journey,

Best Video Editing Apps For Short Video

It is available on Android iOS and desktop and you will love it when you open this application because its interface icon is so beautiful.

All the features and tools of Adobe Premiere RUSH are so good that when you first open this app you will love its icons and tools and the user interface is very good.

This app lets you edit video and audio for free and you can export videos directly like Facebook Snapchat YouTube Instagram.

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  1. I use a modified version of KineMaster application, which has no watermark feature...