URL Mean (uniform resource locator) meaning and structure

URL Mean (uniform resource locator) meaning and structure

URL stands for :-  uniform resource locator

Url mean

We visit different websites every day, 

For that we have to type the URL in the address bar or go to google and search the website and we get the link.

* do you know what is URL means and how URL works :- 

There are many things but most of the URL start with HTTP or https

HTTP:-  hypertext transfer protocol 
HTTPS:- hypertext transfer protocol secure

* function of HTTP and HTTPS :-  Communicates with your web browser and web server 

In this page I share with you what is your and what is URL meaning so I request you please read this article conflict and its help you lots more.

* Different between http and https:-

 Https:-  a website uses HTTPS, that website does not share your information with anyone else.

Your information is not protected when a website uses HTTP.

I would recommend you to decide whether to use a website, whether it is HTTPS or HTTPS in the URL. 

* Is http faster than https?

If your browser has HTTP in the URL, it downloads the page quickly.

FTP:- File transfer protocol

FTP is used when a file is transferred between two URL mean

* What is www: - 

World Wide Web (WWW), Commonly known as the Web. Is an information system where document & other web resources are identified by Uniform Resource Locators.

The World Wide Web is a type of network that provides content online when you search for something that contains the results.

We call the World Wide Web a sub domain.

* What is domain name :- 

a domain is an address where internet users can use your website. Every website has a different IP address. It is not easy for people to remember the IP address ICT, so it is used by name.

. Com . In  . Org  . Gov . Net These are called top level domains.

It categorizes all website as. Com . In web site.

That's why when you search for something, they can easily find the website.

If you want to know more about domain then you need to know what is IP address is

FAQ on URL mean

  1. What is the URL?
  • URL specified and exact web page on world wide Web. A URL is a means by which you can access a website.

2 . What does URL mean in text?

  • URL stands for uniform resource locator, when you open your browser and typed text on search bar that is URL in text.

3. What is an example of a url address?

  • Here is a Example of a url address https://www.subhadip365.com/
That is my website url address send URL text subhadip365

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