What is story writing?

What is a story writing?

A story writing a general and artistic work of creation, which is composed of real or imaginary incident related with people, parts or other animals. A story with birds and animals behaving like human beings is called fable

Story will always be past tense

How to write a story?

  1. A story must have a title in capital letters.
  2. Sentence have to be normally written in simple past and past continuous tense.
  3. The first sentence start with one day, long long ago, once upon a time etc.
  4. Direct speech is expected to be used.
  5. Flow of event to be set in order.
  6. Immoral is to be inserted at the end.
  7. It would be better if there were two conversations in the story that would use multiple paragraphs. That's is story writing format

Features of a short story-

  1. Concept : - the story grows out of the imagination and build up concept indicated in the opening lines. it takes a title.
  2. Complication : - complication Rises out off events and interaction of characters.
  3. Crisis: - crisis is the turning point of the conflict.
  4. Result : - the result is the highest point of tension as well as interest.
  5. And in anticlimax: - sometime a story Mein and incident turns or twits.
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A. Introduction: At the beginning of writing a STORY , you have to take some sensation that the reader can understand that this STORY contains this content.  

B. Body: In the Introduction to STORY, the sensations you have given should be discussed in the body area of the STORY , for example, its analysis, analysis, etc.

C. Conclusion: What is the relation between introduction and body show in the last part of the story. 

Some points to keep in mind : - 
  1. Make sure that  you give your story an exciting and appropriate and suitable title. A title is the first impression you made on the reader. This title attract reader to read the story. 
  2. Make sure that the facts you include in your story are accurate. 
  3. The story must be self-sufficient. 
  4. No complicated language should be used on the body. If if any kids follow the steps story writing for kids. 
Story writing Topic

Story writing

What is inside a story is a main character, his problem and his solution etc.
Write the story first and then give a suitable  title. The title should always be a delight and exciting that the reader is encouraged to read. 

In this article I share with you how to write a story and how to write a story in English
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 if you for this tips for write a story you can easily able to write fantastic story. I said with you my own structure for story writing,  if you agree with me you can also follow these steps to write a story.

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