What is paragraph?

A paragraph is a cluster of interrelated sentence dealing with one idea or topic and arranged in a logical order.

How to write a paragraph

  1. To start with a capitalised heading or title. 
  2. A paragraph is to be usually written in a single para. Germany more than one para. 
  3. The given hints are to be expanded into several sentence. 
  4. All expanded sentence are to be arranged in order. 


A. IntroductionAt the beginning of writing a paragraph, you have to take some sensation that the reader can understand that this paragraph contains this content.  

B. BodyIn the Introduction to Paragraphs, the sensations you have given should be discussed in the body area of the paragraph, for example, its analysis, analysis, etc.

C. Conclusion:  What is the relation between introduction and body show in the last part of the paragraph

Essential features of paragraph

  1. Unity : a paragraph should deal with one single idea o r topic. The idea is started in the first sentence. Hence the first sentence is the key sentence or the topic sentence.
  2. Logical order: all sentence are interrelated so as to reflect the logical sequence of thought. Thoughts events are related in the order of their occurrence.  ideas are arranged according to their importance.
  3. Variety and clarity:  variety is useful to avoid monotony.  a variety of sentence makes the paragraph interesting and attractive. Attention is to be paid towards the beauty of images of language and length of sentence.

Here is a example of a paragraph include all the features I discuss before

Importance of growing more trees
Tres play a vital role in human Civilization. In fact they are the most benevolent friend to human being. We are largely dependent upon them. We get food from them as they can prepare food through photosynthetic process in presence of Sunlight. They provide us fresh oxygen which is very much essential for our respiration and they observe poisonous carbon oxide gas exhaled by us. The cooling Shadows of trees at the place of Solex of weary travellers. De can stop soil erosion. Trees also can check out raught and flood. Varieties of medicine are prepared from medicinal plant like Neem Tulsi aloe vera sincona etc. Timber are used as fuel and several household furniture are made of wood collected from trees. Trees also maintain balance in the environment by keeping the ratio of oxygen oxide and nitrogen in the atmosphere under control.

What is paragraph writing

Some useful transition - 

To show addition - again, and, also, beside, important, etc.

To give example -

for example, for instance, in fact, specifically.

To compare - 

also, in the same manner, likewise.

To contrast-

although, and yet, at the same time, but, despite, even though, however.

To summarize or conclude -

all in all, in conclusion, in other words, in short.

To show place or direction - 

above, below, beyond, close, elsewhere.

To indicate logical relationship - 

accordingly, as a result, because, consequently, for this reason.

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