Articles and prepositions

Articles and prepositions
 what's is an article?

The demonstrative adjectives a, an, and the, are usually called articles.

So there are two types of article namely - definite article and indefinite article.
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Definite article: - 

The Article 'the' points about some person or things definitely or particularly. so it is called definite article.

  1. To speak of a particular person or thing. 
  2. To represent a whole class. 
  3. Before the names of the place with geographical importance. 
  4. Before the names of rivers, seas, oceans, mountain range, group of Iceland, channels etc. 
  5. Before the names of certain books. 
  6. Before the names of important buildings and monuments. 
  7. Before the names of things unique in their kind. 
  8. Because the names of of epithet followed by the person name. 
  9. Before the superlative degrees. 
  10. Before the names of nations. 
  11. To make a proper noun common noun. 
  12. Before the the numeral or adjectives of number. 
  13. The Definite article generally pacifiers and identifies. It answers the question, it specify is a person place or thing already mentioned. 
  14. It may limit the meaning to 'only'
  15. The Definite article is used where specification in a context is establish the context may be provided from outside the text or from inside the text. 
Specific use of Definite article
1. Specifying function: 

  1. The meaning of a noun is specified by the post modifying phrase bringing with of
  2. The meaning of A noun is specified by the use of a relative clause. 
  3. The meaning of A noun is specified by an appositional cause. 
  4. The meaning of noun is specified by post modifying non-finite construction. 
  5. Find the meaning of A noun is specified by the non linguistic context. 

2. Classifying function:

  1. 'The' is followed by singular noun to refer to a whole class. 
  2. 'The' is followed by an adjective referring to a whole class. 
3. Demonstrative function:
Article and preposition

Indefinite articles: -

The articles a, and an, do not find out persons or things definitely or particularly. so they are called indefinite articles.

Uses of 'a': 

  1. Before a what beginning with A consonant. 
  2. Before a proper noun in a sentence of a common noun. 
  3. Before certain quantity number and the the half'. 
  4. In the Exclamatory sentence before a noun or a pre modifier. 
  5. Before a word beginning with A consonant sound. 
  6. The at choice between a, and an, depends on the initial sound of the word before which it is used. 
  7. The indefinite article expresses the sentence of one in various ways. 

Usage of 'an' :

  • Before a word being with vowel sound. 
  • IIFA award with silent - 'h'
  • Before abbreviated forms beginning with the letter with bhawal sound. 

Articles and prepositions


2. What is the preposition? 

A preposition is an interlinking what it is used before a noun or a pronoun. 
What placed before a noun to show its relation to some other word in the sentence.

Types of prepositions

  1. Simple
  2.  Double 
  3. compound
  4.  Phrasal
  5.  participle 
  6. Disguised 

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