what an ip address is?

what an ip address is

Are you runs Internet online, visit website, watch video on YouTube.

Your IP address has gone to all of these people

Wait Wait If You Know This IP Address Can Reach The home.
Your Real Time Location Could Result.

Let me tell you how to trace someone else's IP now

Before that, let's understand what an IP address is.

Show that the IP address is a kind of a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.

What an ip address is

See you take a car or a bike and gets a number of alot

so that if you go ahead and hold someone, Or get someone to do something wrong with that bike. Through That number can reach your home.

Similarly, you get a number of mobile phones you use.

This number is available only if you give your ID proof. So that through the phone can reach your home if you are doing something wrong.

Similarly if you connect to the Internet online and have any operator's Sim or broadband

Whenever you are connected to the Internet online, it lets you roll out an IP address

When you access any website, they also have information about where you are from, what is your IP address, which browser your device confirmation goes from.

This IP is spoken internet protocol.

This means that the communication that happens between the network is connected to the network is through the IP address.

No one knows what your computer's name is. What is the name of your mobile.  They has knows the IP address, as much as the internet is connected to the Internet. Mobile and computer and watch freez also provides an IP address to all those who have an IP address Or affects you, now its use the internet. Let's assume your connection to Airtel is the connection or Vodafone. The IP address gives two hits; They do not even have an IP address.

what is an ip address and how does it work

This means they do not create an IP address at home. IP address is alerted. There is an authority. IANA ( internet ASSIGNED NUMBER AUTHORITY). They have all the IP addresses in the whole world. Has done and manages everybody's IP address.
All IP addresses are available only on IANA

If your IP is to know what your IP is because you run the Internet before running the Internet you get an IP so that everyone will know who you are,

 if you search by going to GOOGLE and write what is my ip then you The public IP address will be known. This IP is your ip-address which is assigned to you. This IP has not happened to anyone else at this time.

If you do anything less then this IP can be tracked from now on which website you are visiting if you visit any website on the internet

Which website are you visiting if you set any website on the Internet, it will lock them. Whoever you are, it will happen. You will say that I did not show my IP. No worries. The thing is going to be home. Now whenever you make flight mode on the phone, your ID will change.

Here's an option on the APNIC website. Who is and website here, if you press Enter after someone's IP , then You will know who gave this ID to.

Most people in India get dynamic IP addresses. Dynamic means that changes happen.

If you still have any doubts related to IP address, then comment below.

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