What is environment, definition of the population


 ENJOYMENT ABOUT MAKE ALL ABOUT MADE EVERYTHING Around us, light winds, water bodies, and plants are created in the world. In this environment. 
What is environment, definition of the population

according to Yong's scientists, it took time to develop this environment, about 500 million years ago, geological changes had changed, but that was the case Ira game in which the troubled world
Today, if the world is concerned then it can overcome the environmental crisis created by the people, the present civilization can be eradicated, so that the environment, education, etc.
Today we have discussed various aspects of the environment in this chapter. Meaningful words
Various types of plants: animal birds, insects, light, temperature, water, soil, air, and even man-made homes, roads, etc. These areas have been developed with the human environment.
Our environmental scientists have defined the environment in different ways.
According to the definition of environment in the Ansar Environmental Science, the zip community's environmental biological and natural conditions are the environment and the color according to which plants or animals are affected by the biological and inauspicious causes of their life at any given time.

In 1996 AD Environmental Science has been said to have been a problem in the environment. It is said that the zip community's biological and natural people are called the environment from different definitions of plants and animals which require conditions to survive in a healthy and natural way.
Environmental science is the science that covers the environment and its interactions with its various components and components.

The need for science lessons is the study of a biological distribution of the local organisms of the local organism, and the knowledge of the abundance of animals and plants can be gained and the second can be determined by the relation between a particular group or community, the idea of ​​the three adaptations of a particular physical environment and the structure of the organism Its environmental biology can be achieved by combining the religion of the organism Maya particularly in relation to people and the environment helps to be informed about environmental decline
The environmental degradation of the environment due to the
1.   work is known from the environmental biology of the world, which is why it is said to be the only place to live in the era. It is known about how biological origins arose from the current state of the world, from the beginning of civilization, It is known that the environment is being exploited and the consequences of the damage of the environment are 10 Parab Sagata reading the Gita can be obtained through the scientific understanding of the ecosystem. 
2.   What is known about why natural disasters are created and how it has been created
3.   How many people are affected by other creatures and environment
1392 The reason for pollution and how it is spreading the path of destruction of animals is known in different types of public health and for some reason why this mindset can improve the health of the public.
4.  What is the need to make human and other living organisms suitable for the whole world Environmental
Population and the role of the environment In a geographic region,

 the number of people living at a certain time is called Population, a population related to a dynamic ecology. Due to the importance of the human population in terms of density, birth, and mortality, Apu is regulated by people living in one place at a time, the balance of the environment is being interrupted by the current population pressure.
Today the destruction of renewable resources, public resources, etc., in the face of crisis and renewable resources such as the end of coal petroleum, and unallocated and wasteful waste.
In order to reduce the pressure on the environment and to protect the future of people, population constraints are extremely important, but at the rate at which the population is increasing, natural resources will be available to provide the needs of the people, and the environment will become equilibrium.

Population means: Populus comes from the Latin word popular, meaning populi means populations, but the populace is a lot of ecologies, on the basis of which species of any species are considered populace.

Increasing or decreasing the populations of any species, including humans, changes many of the ecosystems in the population, due to the increase in populations, the pressure in human life is particularly understandable.

 Definition of the population: The populations of the same species of particular geographical regions are called populations. Therefore, the population of any particular ecosystem habitual population is populated by Population.
What is environment, definition of the population

Features of the population: Although the population of a species bound in certain geographical boundaries is related to the populations of that species, the overall character of populations is not expressed through it, to understand the pollution, there are several characteristics that are important to be aware of many features.

1. Population density :   
In the field of any geographic region, the quantity or number of species that live in the population density of the population such as the deer tiger in every jungle in every jungle there are many mango trees in every single field or have heard in 1 liter of water, etc.
2. The birth rate populace gives birth to lost children in the member states of the species, but it is not said that it is not the increase of Gulati populations. It is called the main subsidiary term, the number of new people joining populations is called Nattili.
3.  In the number of deaths of a population, the number of deaths in the population is called mortality, the birth rate of the populations, the death rate, and the decrease of the population due to this, the size or shape of the population in determination of the rate of mortality can be expressed to anyone.
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