Top 30 question's answers about computer

Top 30 question's answers about computer. 

The father of computer chals babeg (1822-30) Fast generation of computer abakas from (China)

1. By we can learn computer?

ANSWER -  At present sehtistion continue to grow by technological subject and technical area this subject continue grow of all working areas and it always perform very fast

So we can run in this subject and we properly perform in this subject and grow up our educational subject and we involve in this situation and we always work properly and accuracy system waes. So we learn computer.

2. What is computer?

Answer - ( computer is a machine but not machine)

 Computer is an electronic device. Which can perform any arithmetical and logical operation. Which can proses any kind of Data and it always store any documents for long and long time.

3. What is electronic device?

Answer - this is a part of instrument it always perform by application and power.

4. What is machine?

Answer - machine is a part of Electricals. Device can run automatically but machine cannot run automatically.

5.  What is the besik deferent between computer and calculator?

Answer - calculator only perform of arithmetical subject. But computer can perform all of arithmetical and logical subject.

6. What is full form of computer?

 C -  commonly

O -  Operate

M - Machine

P -  permanent

U - used

T - trade/technology /technucal


R - Research

Com only operating machine which permanently use in technical or educational and research

7. How many types of computer?

Answer - 1. By size of efficiency

                 2. By nature of works

 8. How many subject of computer?

Answer - 1. Software

                 2. Hardware

* what is hardware?

Answer - physically component is a hardware. Which can retractable and tractable.

* what is software?

Answer - comment, data, information, and more information can marge which in single system that is software.

9. Classification of software?

Answer - 1. System software

                  2. Application software

                  3. Firmware

                  4. Humanware

10. Classification of hardware?

Answer - 1. Input

                  2. Output

                  3. Storage device

                  4. Memory

11. What is primary memory?

Answer - which system can except any programs for short time and it could not store of any data this a short primary memory.

12. What is secondary memory?

Answer - which system can except any programmes for long and long it always a Sept and store any data this is secondary memory.

13. Structure of memory?
Answer - 1 charature = 4 bit
                  4 bit = 1 nivvle
                  8 bit = 1 byte
        1024  bute = 1 kb
            1024 kb = 1 Mb
           1024  MB = 1 GB
           1024  GB = 1 TB
           1024 TB = 1PB
           1024 PB = 1 HB
The smallest unit of memory is bit
The largest unit of memory is Hb

14. What is windows?

Answer - this is a computer operating system which can except all of configure and all application software.

15. What is the icon?

Answer - Icon is all of software layout which can soft into the bland desktop and it has software application running controller.

16. What is MS OFFICE?
Answer - MS OFFICE is a office management subject it always work to official department and official organization purpose.
17. What is Microsoft office word?
Answer - this is a official document creating subject
Top 30 question's answers about computer

18. What is the extension name of m S office word?

Answer -        . Docx

19. What is the short comment of ms office word?

Answer - 1 win word

19. What is the short comment of ms office word?

Answer - 1 win word

20. What is the software if ms exel? 

Answer - this is an application software

21. What is the extension name of m S exel? 

Answer -    .XLSX

22. What is colloum? 

Answer - Individualy battcally lines is a colloums.

23. What is rouls? 

Answer - Parrallal lines are call row.

24. How many number of colloums in exel 2007? 

Answer - 16384 no of colloum. Last colloum alfabet(XFD)

25. How many number of Row? 

Answer -  1048576 numbers of Row in exel 2007.

26. What is cell? 

Answer - colloums and row can touch a corner point and create cell.

27. How many numbers of cell? 

Answer - colloum into Row equal total cell 17179869184 numbers of cells in exel 2007.

28.  How many alligenement direction of text in exel? 

Answer - six type alligenement of exel shut 2007 as a left center right and top middle bottom.

29.  What is the software of PowerPoint? 

Answer - this is a multimedia software.

30. What is the work of PowerPoint? 

Answer - this is a presentation treating object which can create any animation.

Now Top 30 question's answers about computer are completed

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