Classification of computer

Classification of computer 

Classification of computer

Computer in general can be classified into two major categories based upon the following criteria.

A. According to the logic used by the computer. 

B. According to the size, memory capacity and processing speed of the computer. 

A. Logic used by computer :

Computer can be classified into three categories based upon logic used. They are :

These are the computers, which operate on the principal of creating a physical analog of mathematical problems.
These computer used signals as input, which can come from device like thermometer, speedometers, barometers etc. These signals are continuous flow of physical quantities. 
Ex. Temperature, speed, pressure etc. 
Which vary continuously? The result given by these computers usually is not very precise, accurate and consistent.


These are the computers which accept digits and alphabets as input, wich are used for solving, controlling any problem which can be expressed mathematically. 
These computer take data inform of zeros and ones. 


As any hybrid is combination of best qualities of the available types, so that it becomes the best by adopting best qualities of given variety of object. 

The hybrid computer are those computers which adpot the best qualities of digital and analog computers. 

This becoming capable to work on analog or digital data. These computer are mostly used for automation of various complicated physical processes and machines. 

B. Computer are classified according to their size, memory capacity and data processing speed, computer are classified into following four main groups.

  1. Micro computer ( desktop, notebook computer, tablet, personal digital assistant) 
  2. Mini computer 
  3. Mainframe computer 
  4. Super computer

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